Chicago Underground Orchestra Playground Delmark

Chicago underground Duo 12 degree's of Freedoom Thrilljockey
Chicago Underground Duo Synesthesia Thrilljockey
Chicago Underground Duo Axis and Alignment Thrilljockey
Chicago Underground Duo In Praise of Shadows Thrilljockey
Chicago Underground Duo Boca Negra Thrilljockey
Chicago Underground Duo Age of Energy NorthernSpy
Chicago Underground Duo Locus NorthernSpy

Chicago Underground Trio Possible Cube Delmark
Chicago Underground Trio Flamethrower Delmark
Chicago Underground Trio Chronicle Delmark
Chicago Underground Trio Slon Thrilljockey

Chicago Underground Quartet CUQ Thrilljockey

Chicago/London Underground A Night Walking Through Mirrors Cuneifom

Jeff Parker Like-coping Delmark
Jeff Parker A Bright Light in Winter Delmark
Jeff Parker The Realatives Thrill jockey

Fred Anderson Quartet volume one AsianImprov
Fred Anderson Back at the Velvet Lounge Delmark
Fred Anderson Trio Birthday Live AsianImprov
Fred Anderson 21st Century Change Delmark
Fred Anderson Quintessential Birthday Trio AsianImprov

Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones 482music
Sticks and Stones Shed Grace Thrilljockey

Marc Ribot Trio Live At the Village Vanguard Pi
Marc Ribot Spiritual Unity Pi
Marc Ribot Songs of Resistance Anti

Tryptych Myth Tryptych Myth Hopscotch
Tryptych Myth The Beautiful Aum

Digital Primitives Digital Primitives Hopscotch
Digital Primitives Lipsomuch/Soul Searchin Hopscotch
Digital Primitives Hum Crackle Pop Hopscotch

David Boykin Outet Evidence of Life... Boxmedia

Stereo Lab Sound Dust Electra

Sam Prekop Sam Prekop Thrilljockey
Sam Prekop Who's your new professor Thrilljockey

Tom Abbs Conscription Cimp
Tom Abbs The Animated Adventures.... 482music
Tom Abbs lost and Found engine
Tom Abbs Hawthorn Northern Spy

Chad Taylor Titration Delmark
Chad Taylor Circle Down 482music
Chad Taylor Myths and Morals Eyes and Ears

Francis Wong Early Abstractions Estrada

Avram Fefer Ritual Clean Feed
Avram Fefer Eliyahu Nottwo

Steve Swell David Taylor Double Diploid Cimp

Loren Mazzacane-Connors/Alan Licht Hoffman Estates DragCity

Brokeback Looks at the bird ThrillJockey
Brokeback Morse code in the modern age ThrillJockey

Jeff Chan Made in Chicago AsianImprov

Nicole Mitchell The Secret Life Of Velvet Anderson RougueArt
Nicole Mitchell Emerald Hills Rougue Art

The Swell Season Strict Joy Anti

Jason Ajemian Way A Land Of Life No Business
Jason Ajemian Protest Heaven 482music

Iron and Wine Kiss Each Other Clean WarnerBrothers

Chris Schlarb Psychic Temple IV Joyful Noise

Vandermark/Wiiks/Taylor A new Margin CleanFeed
Vandermark/Wiiks/Taylor In The Abstract Nottwo

Conly/Harding/Jones/Taylor Grass Roots AumFidelity

Joy Mega Forever is something inside you NewAtlantis

Dave Liebman/Lewis Porter Surreality Enja

Joshua Abrams Represencing Eremite

Exploding Star Orchestra Matter Anti-Matter RougueArt

Eric Revis Quartet In Memory of Things Not Seen CleanFeed
Eric Revis Sing Me Some Cry CleanFeed

Pharoah & The Underground Spiral Mercury CleanFeed
Pharoah & The Underground Primitive Jupiter CleanFeed

Jaime Branch Fly or Die InternationalAnthem

Josh Sinton Fail Beautiful Iluso

Butch Morris Possible Universe Nubop

Yoni Kretzmer Five OutNowRecordings

Taylor Ho Bynum Navigation Fire House 12

Mara Rosenbloom Praire Burn FreshSoundNewTalent

Aruan Ortiz Trio Live In Zurich Intakt

James Brandon Lewis Radiant Imprints Off Records

Jeppe Skjold Trio featuring Ben Street and Chad Taylor Self Released

James Brandon Lewis/Chad Taylor Radiant Imprints Off records

Cale Brandley/Triptych Myth Finding Fire Bird Watcher records

David Lord Forest Standards Volume 1 Big Ego records

Anthony Shadduck Quartet & Double Quartet Big Ego records

Hearts and Minds Electroradiance Astral Spirits

Larzo/McPhee/Abrahms/Seguron/Taylor A Pride of Lions Bridge Sessions