02.01.19February 2019

This spring I'll be touring Europe with Marc Ribot and the U.S. with Jaimie Branch. Please also look out for performances with Rob Mazurek, Marty Ehrlich, Dan Blacksberg, Nicole Mitchell and Darius Jones. I'll be presenting some new music with Brian Settles and Neil Podgurski at the Jazz Gallery on June 6. If you're interested in lessons please send me an email.

01.28.18January 2018

There are a lot of amazing things happening this year. I will be releasing my first solo drum recording on the Ears and Eyes record label in May. I also have records coming out with James Brandon Lewis, Aruan Ortiz, Marc Ribot, David Lord, Jason stein, The Sound Alchemy Project, Dave Easley, and A Pride of Lions later this year. In addition to teaching at Rutgers, Newark, I will be teaching private drum lessons. Please contact me if you are interested. In 2018 I will be touring with James Brandon Lewis, Eric Revis, Chicago/London Underground, A Pride of Lions, Jaimie Branch and Fly or Die, Jason Stein's Hearts and Minds and Digital Primitives. I will be making festival appearances at The Chicago jazz Festival, The Guelph Jazz festival, Umbria Jazz Festival, The London Jazz Festival, October Revolution Festival, The Outsiders Festival. Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz Festival Sonic Transmissions Festival, Sons d hiver, The D.C. Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz festival, The Kongsberg Jazz Festival, The Vancouver Jazz Festival, Saaldelden, Willasau, The Berlin Jazz Festival, The Moers Festival, Edgefest and The Vision Festival.

I hope to see you soon!

09.02.16Fall 2016

This past summer was amazing. I enjoyed playing at the Vision Festival with Henry Grimes and at Newport with Eric Revis. Please look out for upcoming release's from Chicago Underground duo, Eric Revis, Jaime Branch and Mara Rosenbloom. After spending 20 years in New York City, I have relocated to Philadelphia. I have a new collaboration with visual artist Rosa Barba that I am excited about. Please look out for upcoming shows in Frankfurt and Bordeaux this Fall. I will also be performing with the Marc Ribot trio at the BRIC festival in October.

11.23.14The Return of Circle Down

I'm excited to be going back in the studio with my trio Circle Down. A new record is long over due! We will be performing some new material in preparation for the recording on December 3rd at Cornelia Street Cafe. Please come on out to the show if you can. Chicago Underground Duo will be performing at Umass on December 4th and then on the 5th I will be recording with Steve Swell's new project featuring William Parker, Connie Crothers and Rob Brown. I will also be performing December 7th with Joe Morris and Stephen Haynes in Hartford , CT as part of the Real Art Ways Improvisations Season IV.

02.18.14Winter 2014

There are some great release coming out during the next several months. The Chicago Underground Duo will release our seventh Cd entitled Locus in March. We will be touring the east coast in April. The Eric Revis quartet will release In Memory of Things Not Seen which will also come out in March on Clean Feed. We will be touring Europe in March. I am very excited about a new collaboration called Digital Primitives African Soul. We will be touring Europe in March as well.

Also please look out for two live cd's coming out later this year: Marc Ribot Trio Live At The Vanguard (Pi recordings) and Pharoah Sanders with the Underground Live in Portugal (Clean feed)

05.09.13Summer 2013

I am thrilled to be touring with the Jeff Parker Trio on the west coast this May. Jeff and Chris Lopes are some of my all time favorite musicians to work with. I will be playing the DC jazz festival with a new quartet featuring Brian Settles, Jonathan Finlayson and Michael Formanek in June. In July I will be playing the Ljubljana jazz Festival with Side A featuring Ken Vandermark and Havaard Wiik. In adition I will be playing in a quartet with Ken, Peter Brotzmann, and Hamid Drake. In August I will be performing with Pharoah Sanders and the Underground in Lisbon.

I'm on some great releases coming out this year.

Stay tuned....

01.08.13Winter 2013

2012 was a great. It feels good to have NYC Jazz Record pick Grass Roots as one of the debuts of the year. On January 11th I will be headed to L.A. to perform and record with Nicole Mitchell's Sonic Projections. On the 17th I will be back in New York to perform with the Darius Jones Quartet at the jazz gallery. On the 23rd I will be touring Italy with the Chicago Underground Duo. Digital Primitives will be touring Europe the beginning of March. There are a couple of new projects coming together that I am very excited about. Stay tuned...

Thanks for stoping by.

03.12.12Exciting Week

Some exciting things are happening this week. I am mixing the new Grass Roots record which will be out on Aum Fidelity early this fall. On Wednesday March 15th I will be hosting the musicians show on WKCR 89.9 from 6 to 9. I will give a little preview of the new record . Thursday March 16th is the record release show for the new Chicago Underground Duo recording Age of Energy at Union Pool in Brooklyn. I hope to see you there!

01.12.12winter 2012

Happy 2012!

A lot of great stuff is happening this year. I am thrilled to be playing with Pharoah Sanders and the Chi-Paulo Underground in Milan in January again in Paris in February. Please look out for some great new releases coming out in Febuary and March. There is a new Jeff Parker release coming out on Delmark records, a new Chicago Underground duo record out on Northern Spy, and a Lewis Porter/David Liebman release coming out on Enja records.

Thanks for stoping by.

09.27.11Fall 2011

I have started grad school this fall so things have slowed down quite a bit. October however is quite a busy month. I will be touring Europe with Ken Vandermark and Havaard Wiik in the beginning of October and with Marc Ribot and Henry Grimes later in the month. I will be performing at the Earshot festival in Seattle with Avram Fefer as well. Also please look out for some special performances with Josh Abrams Natural iInformation, Josh Stinson's Ideal Bread and Elliot Bergman's Metal Tongues. Ken, myself and Haavard have a new release on Clean Feed called A New Margin.

forward and onward

03.27.11Spring 2011

I was honored to have met Edward Ayler this March in Cleveland. He is 97 years old and still going strong. Thanks for everyone who came out to celebrate Albert Ayler's music with Spiritual Unity. In the beginning of April I will be touring Europe with Chicago Underground Duo and Sao Paulo Underground.. In May I will be touring Europe with Digital Primitives and again with Avram Fefer's Ritual. In June I will be touring Brazil with Chicago Underground Duo. The Ritual has a new record coming out next month on Nottwo records. Thanks for your support.

12.27.10New news for a new year

I am really looking forward to 2011. There are some things going down in NYC in December and January that I would like to share with you. I am excited about Grass Roots which is a new band with myself Darius Jones, Alex Harding, and Sean Conly. We will be performing our first gig on December 27th at the local 269 and hopefully recording some time next year. On New Years eve I will be performing with Spiritual Unity with special guest John Zorn at the Stone. Please come down to the Stone on the January 4th as well. I will be performing with Circle Down featuring Chris Lightcap and Angelica Sanchez. We don't play often so this is a rare treat. I will be performing with Marc Ribot's Sunship at Le Poisson Rouge on the 12th. The end of January I will be touring Europe with Digital Primitives. I believe the record I did with Iron and Wine is also coming out next month on Warner Bros. It is called Kiss Each Other Clean. Thanks for stopping by.

09.09.10Fall 2010

This fall is busy... extremely busy. I will be touring Canada and the East coast with Chicago Underground Duo In September. In October I will tour Europe with a new trio featuring Assif Tashar and Eric Revis. I will also do a tour with a new trio featuring Ken Vandrmark and Havaard Wiik. The 16th I will be performing in Seattle with Rob Mazurek. In November I will be touring Europe with Marc Ribot's Sun Ship and also with The Chicago Underground Duo. In December I will be traveling to Africa to Bukina Fasso to study the Ballaphone. I hope to see you soon.

07.10.10Fred Anderson

Fred Anderson was more than a mentor. He was like a father to me. He always supported me and believed in me. He taught me so much. He taught me me not just about music but about life. He lead by example. Being true to yourself is more important than anything else. Some people called the music he played "free jazz" or experimental. I never thought of his music that way. Fred Anderson played Fred Anderson. When you played with Fred, his music and ideas were so strong and focused that he enabled you to find freedom within yourself. Fred accomplished what he did not by being part of a scene, by networking, by hustling gigs, or by compromising his music, his accomplishments came through hard work and practice. Fred taught me that there are no short cuts in life. What you put into music is what you get out of it. He will be missed but never forgotten.

07.10.10Summer 2010

I am excited about performing with Pharoah Sanders and the Sao Paulo underground this August in Brazil. I will also be performing with the Charles Gayle Quartet and a special Butch Morris conduction in Sardinia with an exceptional band featuring Charles Gayle, Evan Parker, Alan silva and David Murray. In July I will be performing in Oslo in a new collaboration with Ken Vandermark and Haavard Wiik. I will also be performing in Poznan, Poland with the Francis Wong Trio. In the Beginning of September I will be performing with Nicole Mitchell at the Chicago Jazz Festival
Thanks for your support.

04.22.10Spring 2010

Spring is here. Hooray! I am keeping busy. I am touring Europe with the Marc Ribot Trio in April. I am touring Portugal with Digital Primitives in May. I will also be performing with the Chicago Underground Duo at the Penofin Jazz festival outside of San Francisco on May 16th. In June I will be performing a duet with Fred Anderson at the Vision Festival on the 24th. A great recording will becoming out in June as well on the Rouge Art label. Nicole Mitchel's Sonic Projection's feature's Craig Taborn, David Boykins and myself. I also did a few interview's during the last several month's that I plan to post shortly. That's all for now folks. Thanks for your support.


Wow 2009 has been an intense year. I am honored to have Circle Down be named in the top 10 cd's of the year in both Time Out New york and Time Out Chicago. There are a lot of cool things coming up in the New Year. In January I will be performing with the Chicago Underground Duo, Ken Vandermark's Don Cherry Project, Jason Ajemian's Full lifestyle's (with Tony Malaby and Rob Mazurek) Josh Abrams Quartet, and last but not least Circle Down. I am on two new records coming out this month. Boca Negra is the 5th release of the Chicago underground Duo. It is on Thrill jockey records. Protest Heaven is the debut of Jason Ajemian's new band. It will be coming out on 482. (vinyl only) Please come out and support the CD release of my trio Circle Down at the Jazz gallery on the 14th of January. In February I will be touring the west coast with the Chicago underground Duo. In March I will be touring Europe with Digital Primitives. I hope to see you soon. Thanks for your support.


I have some new releases that I am very excited about. My piano trio Circle Down will be released in October on 482 records. It features Angelica Sanchez and Chris Lightcap. I play on a new Fred Anderson Cd and dvd called 21st Century Chase on the Delmark label. It features Kid Jordan, Harrison Bankhead, Jeff Parker and Henry Grimes. There is a new Digital primitives record now available called Hum Crackle Pop. It is on Hopscotch records. It is with Cooper-Moore and Assif Tshar. I play on Tom's Abb's Frequency Response record called Lost and Found. It is on the Engine Label. It features Brian Settles and Jean Cook. I also recorded a few tracks on the Swell Season's new release Strict Joy. It is on Anti records. Thanks for stopping by.